Nashville Wrap-​up

Street PerformerI’m home now, and I’ve finally managed to upload all of my pictures. You can view the set here. On Sunday the Cleveland Contingent met to create an action plan for a project here in town. We didn’t have very long to work, but we decided to structure a survey to be submitted to Cleveland youth in order to determine what kinds of stuff they want from their community. Once we’ve established some metrics from this, we plan to ask Mayor Jackson to allow city employees a few hours of flex-​time every month to be used for volunteer work associated with Cleveland youth, so even if the city can’t afford to give CMSD more flow, they can at least show that they care enough for our children’s future to provide manpower. We delegated tasks and are meeting in very early June to continue organizing this process.

After this session we went to the Ryman Auditorium for the closing ceremonies and some testifying. One woman from Battle Creek, MI gave thanks for me since I had a good discussion with her on starting a community-​based website for her own neighborhood. Several people throughout the conference were quite interested in the idea of a community-​site, so I’m glad I could be there to provide some sparks.

The Nashville music scene is very strong and the performers are all quite professional. The music is fairly mainstream, unlike Cleveland’s broader range of experimentation, but there are enough similarities and differences in the cities that I think they could lean a lot from each other.

• Very diverse populations
• Similar population size [Actually, Cleveland has about 75k less]
• Great music scenes

• Nashville is friendlier and has an extremely enthusiastic and vibrant mayor. [Not a slam on Mayor Jackson, but Bill Purcell was awesome.]
• Cleveland has better tech infrastructure, a larger downtown and public transportation [even if I had to walk the last mile after getting off the rapid].
• Nashville entertainment is much, much cheaper.
• Cleveland has a lake and parks all over the place and a larger variety of entertainment.

To me, it seems like Cleveland has better assets, but Nashville is leveraging theirs to more effect, which is why it is more of a destination for tourists and people moving to their area.

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