Pseudo-Intellectual Brainstorm

What if all of us think in the same man­ner, but only our reac­tions to those thoughts and stim­uli are what shape the per­cep­tions that oth­er peo­ple have of our per­son­al­i­ties?

The above state­ment has been sit­ting in draft form for a few months. I had noth­ing much to add apart from the prob­lem­at­ic half-idea that it is. I fin­ished Haru­ki Murakami’s Kaf­ka on the Shore [which reads like ani­me watch­es] last evening and a prostitute/philosophy stu­dent start­ed toss­ing around Hegel quotes specif­i­cal­ly relat­ing to the sub­ject-object prob­lem. After the brief amount of research on this that I have done this morn­ing, I think that’s what my half­mat­ic prob­lem-idea was aim­ing at. As usu­al, when­ev­er I think of some­thing that might be rev­e­la­to­ry, I find that great minds have been there long before me.

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  • I read Murukami’s Sput­nik Sweet­heart a cou­ple months ago. From what I hear, it’s a lit­tle more direct­ed than Kaf­ka but still mar­ried to his sig­na­ture exis­ten­tial themes. I thought it was very well con­struct­ed and quite enjoy­able 😉

  • Kaf­ka is my favorite Muraka­mi. Sput­nik is also very good and I love the way it ends. The oth­er Muraka­mi books, like the one about the sheep…eh.

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