This dream had MacGyver in it. Also this humongous underground pyramid complex that we seemed to be both trying to escape from and trying to get into. We’ve escaped to aboveground, a very nice grassy area with a few trees ahead. There is no sky or even anything that could be called a horizon, just the grass, the trees and nothing. I think this happens in most of my dreams, but I’ve never remembered noticing it until now. We make it to the little copse and find that is overlooks a bluff into a cold rough sea. Jumping in would be a bad idea because we’d freeze, although we could probably make it to the other side easily enough. MacGyver just jumps in, but I climb over the side and realize that I can peel up the sod that I’m clinging to. I do so and find a ventilation shaft that I can crawl into and that I know leads to where I need to go.