This dream had MacGyver in it. Also this hu­mon­gous un­der­ground pyra­mid com­plex that we seemed to be both try­ing to es­cape from and try­ing to get in­to. We’ve es­caped to above­ground, a very nice grassy area with a few trees ahead. There is no sky or even any­thing that could be called a hori­zon, just the grass, the trees and noth­ing. I think this hap­pens in most of my dreams, but I’ve nev­er re­mem­bered notic­ing it un­til now. We make it to the lit­tle copse and find that is over­looks a bluff in­to a cold rough sea. Jumping in would be a bad idea be­cause we’d freeze, al­though we could prob­a­bly make it to the oth­er side eas­i­ly enough. MacGyver just jumps in, but I climb over the side and re­al­ize that I can peel up the sod that I’m cling­ing to. I do so and find a ven­ti­la­tion shaft that I can crawl in­to and that I know leads to where I need to go.