Upstate Camping

Megan and AdamI went camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park in New York this past weekend. The park wasn’t as good as I expected it to be, since it was quite small and mostly marsh, but it was still a fun time. There weren’t very many campers so early in the season, but our site turned out to be right next to six dundergrads who were more interested in lugging half downed trees to their site to burn and listening to shitastic rap music from the trunk of their car than actually enjoying nature.

We persevered beyond their tinhornery and kept a nice contained and very warm blaze of our own going. Talking with Megan I learned much about hike-​in back-​country camping and would very much like to try it myself, although it will necessitate significant monetary expenditure to gear up.

The weather was nice, although ten degrees warmer wouldn’t have been amiss, and it only rained for about an hour or so on Saturday morning, and then brightened up considerably so the rest of the day was excellent, if a bit windy out near Lake Ontario. Sunday was also beautiful, although we only enjoyed the morning. I would have taken pictures, but there really wasn’t a whole lot to take pictures of.

As for food, on Friday night we had bacon and beans, a Canadian specialty, as the beans were mixed with milk and then reduced a bit. It was good and very filling. For breakfast we had instant oatmeal liberally enhanced with fresh fruit and muffins and hot chocolate, for lunch on Saturday we had roast beef and muenster sandwiches and Lay’s BBQ chips and for dinner, hot dogs roasted on the fire and some wine much later on. Sunday breakfast was a repeat of Saturday and after we packed the tent back up we went to The Cato Diner, several miles away and each had a second breakfast.

We then went our separate ways, but Megan is coming for a visit over Memorial Day, which should be excellent.

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