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Geek Night

I was planning on a nice quiet night at home until Steve dragged me kicking and screaming to the Lit so I could make some changes to the TwiFi site design before he goes down to Columbus next week to present on it. While I did this Andy showed some geek porn on the bar […]


Getting to my apartment has been even hairier than usual lately. Both entrance streets are one way, but the one that is most accessible to me is on-again/off-again closed by a construction company that is building 5 $200k tax-abated townhouses on about 2000 ft2 of land. Each townhouse is, literally, ten feet wide. Would you […]

Alternative Ways to Squeeze the Charmin

• Vise Grips. • Drop an anvil on it. • With your thighs. • Throw it into a black hole. • Raise its property taxes. • Trash compactor. • Using some fat guy’s man-breasts. • Using some hot chick’s woman-breasts. • Belly flopping on it. • With Dynamic Tension™.

Neighborhood Connections Party

Today I rode my bike a nearly equivalent distance on the east side, to the City Greenhouse in the ridiculously pretty Rockefeller Park. Neighborhood Connections was having an event for all the grantees and anyone else who wanted to come. The weather was perfect, and most of the folks did some sort of presentation or […]

Saturday Bike Tour

I got up early this morning and rode my bike from Tremont to the Memphis Drive-in for the flea market. I killed about an hour and a half browsing through all the booths, eating some soft-serve and shooting the breeze. I ended up buying Dr. Mario and Pro Wrestling for my NES for $5. Then […]

Skill Set

If I’m ever going to get out of this rut and in a situation where I can do something that means something I’m going to need a stronger skill set. I think I’ve figured out why no one wants to hire me. I obviously don’t have enough experience or strong enough skills for the type […]


-for Nick Traenkner There is alcohol in me tonight, alcohol and yes I have breathed in smoke and breathed it back out out to you surrounded by words unctuous, bombastic, evangelical. Dress me in horse hair, the hair what was once a horse and a belt of leather from what was once a cow so […]

To Box With Man

          -for Eric Alleman He works at the Record Exchange.   I didn’t know this until I saw him there. I knew him despite his lost play-off beard.   He did not know me.    He was not friendly, this man of intent gesture. His voice:    a thumb    holding your face    to the wall. Outside         you hear something    howling. I’m writing […]


Lately I have this feeling that I liken to being inside an egg. I am inside this egg and what I do with my life paints the inside of the shell and everywhere I look things aren’t so bad, since I’ve colored every bit of space in the shell. Yet there is a feeling deep […]


I bought a grill yesterday and grilled some sweet corn and burgers and made Steve come over and eat some of it. It is an 18.5″ charcoal grill, one of the cheapo deals and even on sale. Nevertheless, the box said the grill was “deluxe.” Which makes me wonder just how crummy a non-deluxe grill […]


I am going            outside and there is              nothing you can do about                  it.

Forbidden Zone

My newest film infatuation is Forbidden Zone, a creation by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and featuring a great soundtrack enhanced by Danny Elfman. True to my ever-eclectic film taste, this cult masterpiece combines my favorite German Expressionism, old style Bosco cartoonishness, extra-dimensions, midgets [Herve Villechaize!], frog butlers, hot topless women, and bondage […]

Creative Integrity

I’m not creative like an artist or musician or a poet or a chef or a filmmaker or a writer, but I am creative. I’m creative because my need to to build and support rather than destroy or undermine makes me a creator. Creating community or reinforcing networks might not be as immediately edifying as […]

Palindrome Sudoku

racecar  rraceca    acecarr  racecar    cecarra  acecarr     weres ecarrac  cecarra     awari carrace  ecarrac     rends arracec  carrace    rraceca  arracec    Writing something where every vertical and horizontal is a word is much harder than I thought.


flckr shdw ftprnt thndr rmbl trnchct wckr rstv bmbl b wnch thrt cght cgh mth rhthm pm slp drk ngl wth grs fr wngs Do me a favor, buy some vowels, fill ’em in above and tell me what you think it says. Y’r m gn pg.


My contract with Verizon Wireless is almost up, and since I’ve had consistently bad experiences with them when I got my contract two years ago I switched to T-Mobile. Not only did Verizon not send me the rebate for my phone, they fudged up my number transfer and had ridiculously crappy customer service. Oh yeah, […]


I have always been better at tactics than strategy and I’m not trying a new tactic at poem writing. Instead of putting it down fastlike, I’m working on it micro-sized for the mini-times a milli-muse comes stalking. Writing by attrition.

Notes From the Underground

•The Cleveland Planning Commission has this awesome interactive map that I was shown last evening while planning the 2007 Cleveland Leadership Summit. If you like playing with statistics, or trying to get an overview of basic city situations, this is the site for you. • Here is a 2004 pdf from Juvenile Court with data […]

The CMSD is Rude.

I just called the Cleveland Municipal School District to request some pretty general data about the district; specifically, the number of schools in the district and how they breakdown between elementary, K-8 and high schools. I need this data for some of the preparatory work for the 2007 Cleveland Leadership Summit. The receptionist who answered […]

Tremont AlcoCrawl

I got sauced this weekend, since I organized and followed through with a tour of all the ritzy drinking establishments in Tremont. The Velvet Tango Room was by far my favorite, and I’m going to have to stop in for their complimentary sushi on Tuesdays. All the reviews start here and plenty of pictures are […]

Uncle Corbin

Many people say that my Uncle Corbin is the spit and image of his dad, my grandpa. For the most part that is bang-on. He’s loud and stubborn and disciplined and dedicated and committed to his family. He is a firm believer that if you are going to do something, you should do it the […]