Geek Night

Friday, 30 June 2006

I was plan­ning on a nice qui­et night at home un­til Steve dragged me kick­ing and scream­ing to the Lit so I could make some changes to the TwiFi site de­sign be­fore he goes down to Columbus next week to present on it. While I did this Andy showed some geek porn on the bar closed-cir­cuit tele­vi­sion. We watched a 1992 in­struc­tion­al video on a 15 ppm print­er and a sales video for file servers. Nick and Ballroom Johnson were al­so there, so there was talk over hand-drawn elec­tri­cal di­a­grams and Argentinian pol­ka. I al­so got the ba­sics put to­geth­er for a site that my bud­dy Jeremy re­quest­ed for his broth­er, who was re­cent­ly di­ag­nosed with sar­co­ma and has an even chance of mak­ing it an­oth­er year.

Since it has been awhile here are some cool links:

MetaFilter Music- mu­sic cre­at­ed by site users. Really great so far, and brand new. [My fa­vorites thus­far].
• Upon First Meeting- RISD pho­tog­ra­phy student’s gallery of por­traits of peo­ple from Craigslist.
• Victor Borge Phonetic Punctuation, Victor Borge with mup­pets [flash vid]
Kitten Cannon
The Collier System for the Classification of Very Small Objects
The Aural Times- Josh Millard com­pos­es songs about the news.


Thursday, 29 June 2006

Getting to my apart­ment has been even hairi­er than usu­al late­ly. Both en­trance streets are one way, but the one that is most ac­ces­si­ble to me is on-​again/​off-​again closed by a con­struc­tion com­pa­ny that is build­ing 5 $200k tax-abat­ed town­hous­es on about 2000 ft2 of land. Each town­house is, lit­er­al­ly, ten feet wide. Would you pay that kind of mon­ey for a house ten feet wide? They are go­ing to be three sto­ries, with rooftop porch­es that have a de­light­ful down­wind view of the steel mill and of the rot­ting rooftops of the hous­es next door to them. The last time I saw the plans, they were al­so go­ing to have one wall an­gling out over the street, and one side of the build­ing cov­ered in cor­ru­ga­tion. That’ll look re­al­ly pret­ty af­ter a few years of sul­fur diox­ide in the rain. I re­al­ly can’t see these things sell­ing, but they prob­a­bly will. I don’t know much about that.

I’m just bitch­ing be­cause my ride home takes an ex­tra three min­utes.

Alternative Ways to Squeeze the Charmin

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

• Vise Grips.
• Drop an anvil on it.
• With your thighs.
• Throw it in­to a black hole.
• Raise its prop­er­ty tax­es.
• Trash com­pactor.
• Using some fat guy’s man-breasts.
• Using some hot chick’s woman-breasts.
• Belly flop­ping on it.
• With Dynamic Tension™.

Neighborhood Connections Party

Sunday, 25 June 2006

DSC00837Today I rode my bike a nearly equivalent distance on the east side, to the City Greenhouse in the ridiculously pretty Rockefeller Park. Neighborhood Connections was having an event for all the grantees and anyone else who wanted to come. The weather was perfect, and most of the folks did some sort of presentation or show for their project. There were dancers, tumblers, violinists, some pantomime sorta stuff from Morrison Dance and pizza and ice cream. Jeff Schuler was even there doing capoeira with folks from the Passport Project. I managed to do some good networking and I hope I'll be able to get the lady from the Tremont History Project to do monthly postings on historical items of interest on Tremonter.

I got a good workout, since I also helped tear down all the tables and then had to ride my bike back to Tremont. On my way back I saw, some dude who told me to "Get the fuck out of my neighborhood, nigger!" a woman in her 60s [or possibly older] wearing a belly shirt [I almost wiped out when I saw that] and heard this crazy noise coming from all the cars on the rumble strips of Dead Man's Curve.

I'm friggin' exhausted. All my pics are here.

Saturday Bike Tour

Saturday, 24 June 2006

I got up ear­ly this morn­ing and rode my bike from Tremont to the Memphis Drive-in for the flea mar­ket. I killed about an hour and a half brows­ing through all the booths, eat­ing some soft-serve and shoot­ing the breeze. I end­ed up buy­ing Dr. Mario and Pro Wrestling for my NES for $5. Then I went from Brooklyn to Detroit-Shoreway and the 84 Charing Cross Bookstore. This is a book collector’s book­store and they have some ab­solute­ly amaz­ing stuff, in­clud­ing some edi­tions of Edgar Rice Burroughs ad­ven­tures with great cov­er art. They’ve got a huge se­lec­tion of po­et­ry, first edi­tions of many books and lots of signed works as well. I end­ed up get­ting a fenc­ing man­u­al from the turn of the cen­tu­ry [the 20th cen­tu­ry]. They’re on­ly open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, or by ap­point­ment, but if you love books, you should make the ef­fort to vis­it. They al­so have a bea­gle with re­al­ly soft ears.

I rode on home and put some nice thick pork chops in a mari­nade and then went to do my laun­dry where I chat­ted with a cool girl and her Papillon. Then I grilled my pork chops on the char­coal grill I picked up last week and they were sim­ply de­li­cious. I think pork chops are prob­a­bly al­ways best grilled. Now I’m at Tremont Scoops, where I just pol­ished off a pint of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. I’m sit­ting out­side, us­ing their WiFi and watch­ing loaded sub­ur­ban­ites pack them­selves in­to Lolly the Trolley for this weekend’s Tremont House Tour. I think I’m gonna go home and play some Dr. Mario now.

Skill Set

Friday, 23 June 2006

If I’m ever go­ing to get out of this rut and in a sit­u­a­tion where I can do some­thing that means some­thing I’m go­ing to need a stronger skill set. I think I’ve fig­ured out why no one wants to hire me. I ob­vi­ous­ly don’t have enough ex­pe­ri­ence or strong enough skills for the type of po­si­tions I’ve been seek­ing. Even though Heinlein said “spe­cial­iza­tion is for in­sects” and I’ve been of that par­tic­u­lar mind­set since be­fore I knew who Heinlein was, it looks like I have to bug out. My cur­rent po­si­tion is not do­ing any­thing to en­hance my em­ploy­able skills, so I think I’m go­ing to have to up an­chor and go ex­plor­ing. Just as soon as I save up a cou­ple thou­sand more.


Thursday, 22 June 2006

-for Nick Traenkner

There is alcohol in me tonight, alcohol
and yes I have breathed in smoke and
breathed it back out out to you surrounded
by words unctuous, bombastic, evangelical.

Dress me in horse hair, the hair what was once
a horse and a belt of leather from what was once
a cow so costumed words take on legitimacy

or invest me in silks as the new pope of continual
omnipotent excess. The dirt of life is death
death death! The dirt of life is the fruit of death.
The dirt of life is a scientific experiment where

you tread on wheels while I spume and wrack at
you, your bare feet hatched with the turning
tide. Proud in persistence. I will talk until

you listen.