Creative Integrity

I’m not cre­ative like an artist or musi­cian or a poet or a chef or a film­mak­er or a writer, but I am cre­ative. I’m cre­ative because my need to to build and sup­port rather than destroy or under­mine makes me a cre­ator. Cre­at­ing com­mu­ni­ty or rein­forc­ing net­works might not be as imme­di­ate­ly edi­fy­ing as a well writ­ten poem or a pret­ty tune or a tasty din­ner, but I think intan­gi­ble cre­ativ­i­ty of that sort [par­ent­ing could be anoth­er exam­ple] lets the cre­ator retain his cre­ative integri­ty longer.

What I mean by cre­ative integri­ty is that a cre­ator should cre­ate not for his own edi­fi­ca­tion or the use of oth­ers, but for the cre­ation itself, that it may be. Append­ing val­ue onto the cre­ation is nec­es­sary and appro­pri­ate, as is edi­fi­ca­tion and effec­tive use, but I feel most edi­fied dur­ing the process and com­ple­tion of cre­ation. Effec­tive use can be striv­en for, but is not guar­an­teed, which is why I feel it is sec­ondary to the exis­tence of a cre­ation itself. There is a sort of amaze­ment at accom­plish­ment and a simul­ta­ne­ous loss of pow­er in a fin­ished prod­uct. That moment of equi­lib­ri­um main­tains cre­ative integri­ty. If the amaze­ment rules, ego can take prece­dence over the act of cre­ation. If oth­ers begin to deter­mine the cre­ative path, the cre­ator becomes an automa­ton.

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  • Your blog — the oth­er one — is half the rea­son I want to move to the Mont. You’ve cre­at­ed a vir­tu­al sense of com­mu­ni­ty that enhances and expands upon the sense of the com­mu­ni­ty itself. As to the pur­pose of your cre­ation, whether for your­self, for oth­ers, or for the thing itself, I can­not attest. But I would have giv­en any­thing to be part of the Alco-Crawl, so to me that sug­gests the beau­ty of the thing itself (the sense of com­mu­ni­ty you’ve engen­dered, not the alco­hol.)

    Plus, I real­ly want to see a link to my blog on the side­bar! It’s like hang­ing out with Gins­berg and Ker­ouac.

  • lou: i keel you.

    ptb: thanks! i think you’re a tad over­board on the Ginsberg/Kerouac thing though unless you’re talk­ing about HCG and Snog­gie.

  • Glad to see you cov­ered your ass on that one, Adam…by exclud­ing Snog and I from the over­board bit. We are fair­ly cool, smart, fun­ny, and most of all hum­ble. Wa wa wa.

    Yes-I got the movie tick­ets, but had to work too late to go. And next time, knock on my frig­gin’ door and come up for a beer. Geez.

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