Forbidden Zone

My newest film infatuation is Forbidden Zone, a creation by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo and featuring a great soundtrack enhanced by Danny Elfman.


True to my ever-eclectic film taste, this cult masterpiece combines my favorite German Expressionism, old style Bosco cartoonishness, extra-dimensions, midgets [Herve Villechaize!], frog butlers, hot topless women, and bondage into a strange confection of joy [to me at least]. This is definitely something you should see at some point in your life. Many thanks go to Ballroom Johnson and Andy at The Lit for introducing me to this film. I now own it on DVD, though it took 6 weeks to get it. Here is another take on it and the official site [images]. Thanks to YouTube, you can see some clips:

• Squeezit the Moocher [Danny Elfman as Satan!]
• Bim Bam Boom
• Pico and Sepulveda
Learn Your ABCs
• Witch’s Egg [Susan Tyrell!]

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