Geek Night

I was planning on a nice quiet night at home until Steve dragged me kicking and screaming to the Lit so I could make some changes to the TwiFi site design before he goes down to Columbus next week to present on it. While I did this Andy showed some geek porn on the bar closed-circuit television. We watched a 1992 instructional video on a 15 ppm printer and a sales video for file servers. Nick and Ballroom Johnson were also there, so there was talk over hand-drawn electrical diagrams and Argentinian polka. I also got the basics put together for a site that my buddy Jeremy requested for his brother, who was recently diagnosed with sarcoma and has an even chance of making it another year.

Since it has been awhile here are some cool links:

MetaFilter Music– music created by site users. Really great so far, and brand new. [My favorites thusfar].
• Upon First Meeting- RISD photography student’s gallery of portraits of people from Craigslist.
• Victor Borge Phonetic Punctuation, Victor Borge with muppets [flash vid]
Kitten Cannon
The Collier System for the Classification of Very Small Objects
The Aural Times– Josh Millard composes songs about the news.