Geek Night

I was plan­ning on a nice qui­et night at home until Steve dragged me kick­ing and scream­ing to the Lit so I could make some changes to the TwiFi site design before he goes down to Colum­bus next week to present on it. While I did this Andy showed some geek porn on the bar closed-cir­cuit tele­vi­sion. We watched a 1992 instruc­tion­al video on a 15 ppm print­er and a sales video for file servers. Nick and Ball­room John­son were also there, so there was talk over hand-drawn elec­tri­cal dia­grams and Argen­tin­ian pol­ka. I also got the basics put togeth­er for a site that my bud­dy Jere­my request­ed for his broth­er, who was recent­ly diag­nosed with sar­co­ma and has an even chance of mak­ing it anoth­er year.

Since it has been awhile here are some cool links:

MetaFil­ter Music- music cre­at­ed by site users. Real­ly great so far, and brand new. [My favorites thus­far].
• Upon First Meet­ing- RISD pho­tog­ra­phy student’s gallery of por­traits of peo­ple from Craigslist.
• Vic­tor Borge Pho­net­ic Punc­tu­a­tion, Vic­tor Borge with mup­pets [flash vid]
Kit­ten Can­non
The Col­lier Sys­tem for the Clas­si­fi­ca­tion of Very Small Objects
The Aur­al Times- Josh Mil­lard com­pos­es songs about the news.