Saturday Bike Tour

I got up early this morning and rode my bike from Tremont to the Memphis Drive-​in for the flea market. I killed about an hour and a half browsing through all the booths, eating some soft-​serve and shooting the breeze. I ended up buying Dr. Mario and Pro Wrestling for my NES for $5. Then I went from Brooklyn to Detroit-​Shoreway and the 84 Charing Cross Bookstore. This is a book collector’s bookstore and they have some absolutely amazing stuff, including some editions of Edgar Rice Burroughs adventures with great cover art. They’ve got a huge selection of poetry, first editions of many books and lots of signed works as well. I ended up getting a fencing manual from the turn of the century [the 20th century]. They’re only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, or by appointment, but if you love books, you should make the effort to visit. They also have a beagle with really soft ears.

I rode on home and put some nice thick pork chops in a marinade and then went to do my laundry where I chatted with a cool girl and her Papillon. Then I grilled my pork chops on the charcoal grill I picked up last week and they were simply delicious. I think pork chops are probably always best grilled. Now I’m at Tremont Scoops, where I just polished off a pint of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. I’m sitting outside, using their WiFi and watching loaded suburbanites pack themselves into Lolly the Trolley for this weekend’s Tremont House Tour. I think I’m gonna go home and play some Dr. Mario now.