My con­tract with Ver­i­zon Wire­less is almost up, and since I’ve had con­sis­tent­ly bad expe­ri­ences with them when I got my con­tract two years ago I switched to T-Mobile. Not only did Ver­i­zon not send me the rebate for my phone, they fudged up my num­ber trans­fer and had ridicu­lous­ly crap­py cus­tomer ser­vice. Oh yeah, they also turned over my call records to the NSA, which was in direct vio­la­tion of my con­tract. T-Mobile hooked me up with a new phone, and more min­utes at the same price that Ver­i­zon was charg­ing and refused the NSA’s demand. Acti­va­tion was a cinch, and I even got a prompt email response from an actu­al human to a sug­ges­tion I had. Go T-Mobile, even if you need short­er con­tracts and a plan with low any­time min­utes but unlim­it­ed nights and week­ends. [Yeah right, no one has that.]

Oh yeah, if you get a new cell phone remem­ber to recy­cle the old one. If you live in Cleve­land there are three dif­fer­ent places I found that will take your old phone:

1. League of Women Vot­ers
2. Cleve­land Metroparks Zoo
3. Cleve­land Muse­um of Nat­ur­al His­to­ry

The League of Women Vot­ers will be get­ting mine.

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  • Does your new plan allow to get text mes­sages with­out cost­ing you your first born?

  • I am so sick of all cell phone plans. It gross­es me out that you have to pay extra for text mes­sages, first and fore­most. It doesn’t cost them a dine- it’s just a way for them to squeeze extra mon­ey out of you. I also hate that none of the plans real­ly make any sense. I ALSO HATE that NY phone tax­es add an extra $10–15 a month to my bill. If it weren’t nec­es­sary, I’d ditch my phone com­plete­ly. I HATE CELL PHONE COMPANIES.

  • Yeah, all I want is a plan that gives me 100 any­time min­utes and unlim­it­ed nights and week­ends, for like 25 bucks a month.

  • How’s T-Mobile recep­tion in Tremont? I’ve been think­ing about ditch­ing Ver­i­zon as well, for a num­ber of rea­sons (espe­cial­ly blue­tooth crip­pling).

    Also, does T-Mobile crip­ple their blue­tooth at all, and if so, to what extent?

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