My contract with Verizon Wireless is almost up, and since I’ve had consistently bad experiences with them when I got my contract two years ago I switched to T-Mobile. Not only did Verizon not send me the rebate for my phone, they fudged up my number transfer and had ridiculously crappy customer service. Oh yeah, they also turned over my call records to the NSA, which was in direct violation of my contract. T-Mobile hooked me up with a new phone, and more minutes at the same price that Verizon was charging and refused the NSA’s demand. Activation was a cinch, and I even got a prompt email response from an actual human to a suggestion I had. Go T-Mobile, even if you need shorter contracts and a plan with low anytime minutes but unlimited nights and weekends. [Yeah right, no one has that.]

Oh yeah, if you get a new cell phone remember to recycle the old one. If you live in Cleveland there are three different places I found that will take your old phone:

1. League of Women Voters
2. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
3. Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The League of Women Voters will be getting mine.

6 thoughts on “Supermundane

  1. Does your new plan allow to get text messages without costing you your first born?

  2. I am so sick of all cell phone plans. It grosses me out that you have to pay extra for text messages, first and foremost. It doesn’t cost them a dine- it’s just a way for them to squeeze extra money out of you. I also hate that none of the plans really make any sense. I ALSO HATE that NY phone taxes add an extra $10-15 a month to my bill. If it weren’t necessary, I’d ditch my phone completely. I HATE CELL PHONE COMPANIES.

  3. How’s T-Mobile reception in Tremont? I’ve been thinking about ditching Verizon as well, for a number of reasons (especially bluetooth crippling).

    Also, does T-Mobile cripple their bluetooth at all, and if so, to what extent?

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