Uncle Corbin

Many peo­ple say that my Uncle Corbin is the spit and im­age of his dad, my grand­pa. For the most part that is bang-on. He’s loud and stub­born and dis­ci­plined and ded­i­cat­ed and com­mit­ted to his fam­i­ly. He is a firm be­liev­er that if you are go­ing to do some­thing, you should do it the right way [usu­al­ly his way] and to the best of your abil­i­ty. [A trait most of my fam­i­ly ex­hibits] When my par­ents di­vorced, Corbin de­cid­ed to be a fa­ther fig­ure for me when I need­ed one. For my 16th birth­day he got his hands on some Notre Dame foot­ball tick­ets, and I got to see Lou Holtz’s last home game at the sta­di­um, and vis­it ND for the first time. 

Later, when I start­ed go­ing to school there, I’d see him just about when­ev­er he came to cam­pus, for a couple’s re­treat with his wife, my Aunt Mary. Life at ND was par­tic­u­lar­ly hard for me for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons and I once had a long talk with Corbin about the dif­fi­cul­ties I was hav­ing with my room­mate and women and his ad­vice and will­ing­ness to share his own tough times were im­mense­ly help­ful, al­though I might not have re­al­ized it at the time.

Corbin is a pret­ty die-hard par­ty-line Republican. He re­fus­es to buy Grey Goose vod­ka be­cause the French don’t sup­port the US, won’t buy Coors beer be­cause they sup­port GLBT stuff and oth­er things I can’t quite wrap my head around. 

Corbin gave me my first cig­ar, at my Cousin Luke’s wed­ding. When we go to Canada, he usu­al­ly has two or three for me as well. Corbin is a very good fish­er­man. It is hard to beat him when it comes to catch­ing wall­eye. He al­so knows how to cook. His steaks and ribs and baked fish are out­stand­ing. We al­ways bick­er and get pissed off at each oth­er at least once on a trip to Canada, main­ly be­cause we’re so much alike per­son­al­i­ty-wise and be­cause I’m dri­ving the boat. We al­so get in­to fights when we are eu­chre part­ners, but again, that is the case for every­one in my fam­i­ly. After we’ve had time to cool down, it is like noth­ing hap­pened. But over and above all, his gen­eros­i­ty is un­stint­ing and un­end­ing and I’m glad he’s my un­cle be­cause my life would be much less col­or­ful and ed­u­ca­tion­al with­out him.

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  1. You won’t be pass­ing through this way on a Canada trip this sum­mer will you? Meet you at Bibbler’s for break­fast if you are. Your un­cle is great, I’ve on­ly met him a cou­ple of times, but I al­ways felt like he was some­how a miss­ing re­al­i­tive in my fam­i­ly as well.

  2. I’m not go­ing on the fish­ing trip this year. Trying to save some $. How’s the off­spring? I was think­ing about y’all last night.

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