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II—The Manipulator & The Subservient

Take my advice; tell a story. Two men set across a valley, have many adventures and return home safely. If you still have loose jaws after— that is the moral there remains a cauldron inside you—your speaking grew less or more than you wanted as I grew less or more or differently than she wanted. […]

At the Grog

I went to the Grog Shop last night to see my friend’s band Humphry Clinker and Tim Fite and Tarantula A.D. and drink a few Newcastle’s. HC put on a good show, but the surprise of the evening for me was Tim Fite. He’s got a passionate Southern feel to his music, a bit of […]

The New World

I saw Terence Malick’s The New World a few days ago. He’s really known for his cinematography, [You must see Days of Heaven if you’ve not already] but what struck me most about The New World was the montage. Not the spinning newspaper stuff that is most prevalent, but honest to God rhythmic montage. The […]

This Week

…I am focused like a laser beam on nothing at all. This is a recipe for madness. A holding pattern, waiting to hear from several sources on several different topics. My plate needs one less side dish. To continue the metaphor, I feel like I am spinning plates on top of little dowels, and the […]

Die Nibelungen

This past weekend I watched Kino’s restoration of Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen, a five-hour silent film from 1924. I’ve always been interested in this Nordic/Germanic epic and its adaptations and retellings; initially due to the interweaving of myth and hero-legend with historical fact [Siegfried kills a dragon, Attila’s invasion, for example] but now my interest […]

I Spilt No Milk

I wanted to have a bowl of cereal this morning. However, the new bag resisted my initial attempts to open it until it suddenly burst and toasted oats coruscated through my kitchen like underfoot-crunching manna from heaven. The bag split completely in half so every bit went to waste. I should stick with peanut-buttered toast. […]


In the past two days I have received The New Complete Hoyle [Revised] which has already heightened my geekery since it provides historical background for the games it then tells you the rules of. I used to read encyclopedias and dictionaries cover-to-cover when I was little, so reading a book of rules for games of […]

Ambiguity Festival

I was asked a good question yesterday. How well do you deal with ambiguity? Which probably only seems like an ambiguous question to someone like me. It is clever in its self-reference. I think I answered well enough, and even moreso if the questioner realized that I applied my way of dealing with ambiguity in […]


Hate breeds Hate. I write         catch! on  a shell  and             throwit         at         theFuture. pass  it  on play Death      Tele      phone the only game        where last picked is             best.

Kingston v. Le Ray

I had a long weekend in Kingston, Ontario. It is a beautiful town with awesome architecture and widely-available Orange Crush. Their annual busker festival was also this weekend, so the streets were full of street performers, playing instruments, telling stories, doing magic acts and acrobatics. I had poutine, sushi, and cornish game hen. On the […]


I hate this bloody weather we’ve been having. Every day when I get home from work it starts raining and then stops raining but remains overcast and threatening so all there is to do is sweat in the clammy darkness of early summer Cleveland afternoons. I’d be fine with sweating to death if it was […]


I’m the NEO webgeek profiled over at BFD today. Thanks go to Wendy Hoke for asking the questions and George Nemeth for providing the space. In other news I’ve been slowly but steadily refurbishing my 8-bit NES, its controllers, and now the games. Those things are filthy. Isopropyl alcohol wasn’t doing the job so I […]

Rockland, PA Poetry

I went to a cabin in back-country Pennsylvania this weekend to read poetry. 4 Tremont folks [Kate Sopko, Nick Traenkner, Steve Goldberg and me] made the trek out to a cabin in Rockland to stay up all night and share our stuff with other writers. The guilt-by-associations were all through Kent State connections and smatterings […]


It was almost like a weblogger meet-up last night. Quarrel With The World came up from Akron to go see the curated show by Erie Effusion where we ran into the Ferris’s, Beer and Clothing and a redhead with a MySpace account. Later, we went to the Lit where we ran into What’s in the […]

I—The Meager

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Tremont Burger

My 4th of July would have been dead all day if it weren’t for Tremont businesses who were open. I dropped off Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World at the Library and ran in to Steve and Kathy Smith and Steve Goldberg on the way. I stopped in to Scoops and got a Wild Cherry-Cranberry smoothie […]