Ambiguity Festival

I was asked a good question yesterday. How well do you deal with ambiguity? Which probably only seems like an ambiguous question to someone like me. It is clever in its self-reference. I think I answered well enough, and even moreso if the questioner realized that I applied my way of dealing with ambiguity in formulating the answer.

I ran in to Jeff Schuler while he was carrying his blown-tire bike down Abbey from the RTA station and offered to give him a ride to his apartment. He accepted and as we finished loading his bike into my back seat a cop pulled up and started hassling us for “blocking a lane of traffic” which he himself was doing. We were on W. 20th, which isn’t exactly the busiest street in Cleveland and he told us we should have turned on to Abbey, which is about 400% busier, and park there. I said “I’m just helping my friend load his busted bike into the car.” and “We’re leaving now.” so he just looked at me sourly and drove off. I wanted to tell him to go arrest the crack dealer by Lincoln Park instead of hassling a guy in cuff links and a beater car helping out a friend, but that wouldn’t have been very constructive.

Yesterday was bee-like in business; I needed a beer. Since the weblogger meetup was at the Town Fryer I decided to head on down there for some fried catfish and delicious green beans and fried oreos. I convinced Jeff to come with me and he fixed his bike in an instant and I busted out the Mongoose and we headed on down. I got home around 9:30 and was completely spent.

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