At the Grog

DSC00986I went to the Grog Shop last night to see my friend’s band Humphry Clinker and Tim Fite and Tarantula A.D. and drink a few Newcastle’s. HC put on a good show, but the surprise of the evening for me was Tim Fite. He’s got a passionate Southern feel to his music, a bit of twangy Appalachian and a great sense for entertaining and getting the audience involved. They also had some visual aid stuff going on from “the gentleman with itchy legs” which was very good, artwork and video of Tim playing the instruments while he played the instruments live. I recommend going to his MySpace page and listening to Away from the Snakes and No Good Here or go to his actual site and grab the songs shared there.

Tarantula A.D. was another band with a distinctly different sound that would tour well with Rasputina or Tool or Sigur Ros or GYBE. It didn’t look like they had any merch, but you can get a sample at their site.

Excellent entertainment for only $8 plus beer.

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