Rockland, PA Poetry

DSC00924I went to a cab­in in back-coun­try Pennsylvania this week­end to read po­et­ry. 4 Tremont folks [Kate Sopko, Nick Traenkner, Steve Goldberg and me] made the trek out to a cab­in in Rockland to stay up all night and share our stuff with oth­er writ­ers. The guilt-by-as­so­ci­a­tions were all through Kent State con­nec­tions and smat­ter­ings of ac­com­plices from else­where [like me].

Though I’m bi­ased, I think that the Tremont con­tin­gent had the strongest show­ing in the po­et­ry field. Some of the oth­er folks were more aca­d­e­mic types and read oth­er people’s po­et­ry and ex­cerpts from Nabokov and their own nov­els-in-pro­gress in be­tween dis­cus­sions of General Semantics and E Prime.

Meanwhile, I stuffed my face with trail mix, dou­ble-stuf ore­os and slept in a ham­mock. It was a fun time and I’m glad I was in­vit­ed.

Other pics here.

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  1. The guy whose cab­in we used was named Jayce; Kate Sopko and Nick Traenkner knew him from Brady’s [?]. This was the 11th year of the event. The beard­ed dude is named Sam, There was a guy named Doug and gals named Kathy and Alice and Connie. And a girl named Cynthia and a Vietnam vet named Jim and a hus­band named Jeff.

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