Rockland, PA Poetry

DSC00924I went to a cabin in back-country Pennsylvania this weekend to read poetry. 4 Tremont folks [Kate Sopko, Nick Traenkner, Steve Goldberg and me] made the trek out to a cabin in Rockland to stay up all night and share our stuff with other writers. The guilt-by-associations were all through Kent State connections and smatterings of accomplices from elsewhere [like me].

Though I'm biased, I think that the Tremont contingent had the strongest showing in the poetry field. Some of the other folks were more academic types and read other people's poetry and excerpts from Nabokov and their own novels-in-progress in between discussions of General Semantics and E Prime.

Meanwhile, I stuffed my face with trail mix, double-stuf oreos and slept in a hammock. It was a fun time and I'm glad I was invited.

Other pics here.

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  1. The guy whose cab­in we used was named Jayce; Kate Sopko and Nick Traenkner knew him from Brady’s [?]. This was the 11th year of the event. The beard­ed dude is named Sam, There was a guy named Doug and gals named Kathy and Alice and Connie. And a girl named Cynthia and a Vietnam vet named Jim and a hus­band named Jeff.

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