Tremont Burger

Tremont BurgerMy 4th of July would have been dead all day if it weren't for Tremont businesses who were open. I dropped off Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World at the Library and ran in to Steve and Kathy Smith and Steve Goldberg on the way. I stopped in to Scoops and got a Wild Cherry-Cranberry smoothie while I checked my email on their WiFi. Later, I went to The SouthSide, where I had the most delicious Tremont Burger. I can't remember exactly what the sauce was on it, but I think it was sun-dried tomato aioli. Other fixins included a carmelized onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato and provolone. The fries were good too. Defintely better than anything you could get at Heck's, but a different sort of beast than a Stevenson's. I think in my quest for the best burger in Cleveland, I'm going to have to start categorizing things.

After eating I killed some time riding around on my bike. Tremont was like a war zone, bottle rockets flying overhead, fountains in the middle of the street, those mortar ones making big booms to send dogs barking. I ended up watching the 'works on University Road, along with several hundred other people. The mosquitos feasted, so if there is a sudden outbreak of West Nile, I bet it started there. You can see the rather crummy pics I took of the fireworks here.

[You know, I just realized that my camera has a fireworks setting. The pics would have been much crisper if I had remembered that 17 hours ago.]

2 thoughts on “Tremont Burger

  1. i won­der what the fire­works set­ting does? i man­u­al­ly set mine for 12 — 1 sec­ond ex­po­sure time.

  2. I think the fire­works set­ting still has a quick shut­ter, but the aper­ture is wide open. Since my cam is es­sen­tial­ly a point and shoot, I think that makes sense.

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