I hate this bloody weather we’ve been having. Every day when I get home from work it starts raining and then stops raining but remains overcast and threatening so all there is to do is sweat in the clammy darkness of early summer Cleveland afternoons. I’d be fine with sweating to death if it was also hot and sunny, but this 75°F, 80% humidity overcast crap caused by the Great Lakes evaporating caused by global warming caused by the crap spewing out of my car and everyone else’s and the steel mill and everyone else’s and everyone else’s everyone else, is starting to make me just a little tiny bit grouchy.

This exercise in watershed awareness is very interesting. How well do you know your ecosystem?

One thought on “Weather

  1. It is hot, humid and sunny here. So you still get the crap but you also get the sun. Hopefully its sunny all day!

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