I hate this bloody weath­er we’ve been hav­ing. Every day when I get home from work it starts rain­ing and then stops rain­ing but remains over­cast and threat­en­ing so all there is to do is sweat in the clam­my dark­ness of ear­ly sum­mer Cleve­land after­noons. I’d be fine with sweat­ing to death if it was also hot and sun­ny, but this 75°F, 80% humid­i­ty over­cast crap caused by the Great Lakes evap­o­rat­ing caused by glob­al warm­ing caused by the crap spew­ing out of my car and every­one else’s and the steel mill and every­one else’s and every­one else’s every­one else, is start­ing to make me just a lit­tle tiny bit grouchy.

This exer­cise in water­shed aware­ness is very inter­est­ing. How well do you know your ecosys­tem?

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  • It is hot, humid and sun­ny here. So you still get the crap but you also get the sun. Hope­ful­ly its sun­ny all day!

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