Art Acquirements

DSC01139I finally paid Tim Herron for my portrait and brought it home. Now, what to do with it. Give it to mom of course. I went to Duck Island briefly last evening to meet another local artist and purchase something from him. I bought Metal Bird 3 from the sign guy [lots more of his work here]. Then, on my way out the door, the thong on my Dr. Marten’s sandals broke, so I had to pedal home barefoot. I’m going to miss those sleds, I had them for almost seven years.


8 thoughts on “Art Acquirements

  1. Nice portrait. I wonder if what hurts modern artists is that ordinary folks don’t commision and buy artwork from them like in the days before the stores in malls selling pictures of Niagra Falls with fake animated water?

  2. tim likes to incorporate personal things of his subject in the background of his portraits.
    whats in the background of yours?

    also, whats marijuana onnotice for on your colbert board, someone not sharing?

  3. Fencers. The whole thing is fencing themed. Sorta ironic since it is almost 4 years since I last fenced actively.

    re: the marijuana, there was a bit of joking going on about it at BFD and then a flamewar erupted. I should make a Tremont one too.

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