Free Stuff and Other Stuff

If any­one wants a Smith-Coro­na elec­tric type­writer that is in like new con­di­tion, it is yours. -sold! [or what­ev­er]

Same goes for a lava lamp with blue juice and white lava. -sold! [or what­ev­er]

I’ve also got an 8x10 [or maybe a lit­tle larg­er] mir­ror with a white frame if you’d like it.

Let’s see what else…

I’ve got an elec­tric can­dle warmer that burns scent­ed can­dles w/o a flame or fear of fire for free. [Still don’t know why I got that for Christ­mas]

For sale, I have a Kens­ing­ton lap­top dock­ing sta­tion that was used once. $129 price tag, yours for $50 or best offer.

I’ve also got [Nerd Alert!] 3200+ Mag­ic the Gath­er­ing cards and some real­ly nice ones too, all yours for $250.

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