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One of the ob­vi­ous flag-rais­ers for “ma­tu­ri­ty” is an in­ter­est in things that on­ly codgers find in­ter­est­ing. For me this is an­tique fur­ni­ture. Specifically an­tique oak fur­ni­ture. Even more specif­i­cal­ly, an­tique mis­sion oak fur­ni­ture. Even more more specif­i­cal­li­est, re­fin­ish­ing an­tique mis­sion oak fur­ni­ture. Patience is a def­i­nite virtue in a search for a spe­cif­ic piece of fur­ni­ture. I wait­ed near­ly a year be­fore find­ing a din­ing room ta­ble that I liked [and at a great price]. It isn’t mis­sion style, but it has clean enough lines to sat­is­fy me in that re­gard.

I still need to learn that when I do find some­thing that suits, I shouldn’t quail at dish­ing out the bread in or­der to take it home with me. My mom taught me about this when she bought me two chairs to go with the ta­ble that cost twice as much as the ta­ble it­self [and still need to be re­fin­ished].

My cur­rent long­stand­ing search is for a li­brary ta­ble to serve me as a desk/​workspace. Something al­most ex­act­ly like this. The per­fect fit for me wouldn’t have the shelf at on the bot­tom [I like leg room] but oth­er­wise that ta­ble is just right. [Actually, the apron might be a bit too low, but I can just get a low­er seat­ed chair.]

My newest search is for a cre­den­za [as I’ve re­cent­ly learned is how the kids are call­ing it these days] with cup­board or slid­ing doors and no draw­ers to use as an en­ter­tain­ment cen­ter. This piece is beau­ti­ful, but I don’t want one with draw­ers if I can help it. Also, I couldn’t af­ford that piece in a gril­lion years. But some­thing like that is what I need to work to­ward in my strange sense of an­tique-mod­ern mise-en-scene. [If you con­sid­er my life a movie].

The tough­est part of an­tique shop­ping is wad­ing through the nev­er-end­ing flow of or­nate­ly-hideous glass­ware and sundry oth­er junk la­belled as an­tique. It is amaz­ing how much crap lasts the years while beau­ti­ful stuff dies of ne­glect. I’ve yet to find more than one de­cent an­tique store in Cleveland. The Lorain an­tique strip was unim­pres­sive to some­one who grew up in a place where there are more an­tique stores than bars. There is a huge an­tique mall near Dayton that I want to vis­it some­time. Maybe this summer/​fall.

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  1. I was look­ing at buf­fets too, but those tend to sit much high­er off of the ground, side­boards seem to be a halfway point be­tween cre­den­za and buf­fet.

  2. I have a cre­den­za al­most ex­act­ly like that. Its a lighter oak and the draw­ers are in teh mid­dle. My ‘rents use it as an en­ter­tain­ment unit and that’s what I planned on do­ing with it once I had room.

  3. That’s true. My mom gets most of the ma­te­ri­als for her an­tique booth at es­tate sales. That’s a rea­son to get a PD sub­scrip­tion, maybe.

  4. Are you think­ing of the an­tique mall on I-75, 2 ex­its from the MI bor­der? That’s on my list for a vis­it too. Bay City MI al­so had very good an­tiques.

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