Grovewood Cavern

I went to the Grovewood Tavern last night to meet Chas Rich and finalize the site design for his reincarnated Pitt sports weblog: Pitt Blather. George Nemeth showed up as well and hooked me up with the CDs I won at Bloggapalooza and in trade I finally got rid of gave him my lava lamp. I had BBQ Crawfish and Pistachio Crème Brulee [perhaps the most delicious thing ever], but like a dumbass, I deleted the pics from my thumbdrive as they were uploading to Flickr. I guess this proves that it can even be too early for me in the morning.

The Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA I had and the dimness of the Grovewood was certainly needed in yesterday’s heat. I spent the longest, hottest night of my life in bed until I melted through my mattress and on to the floor, flowed out into my living room and congealed on the couch. It was bloody awful.

4 thoughts on “Grovewood Cavern

  1. heat? how does one awake at 7am w/​o a alarm clock after 4 hours of sleep when in chicago?
    reserve a 6×8′ (for 2 adults) hostel on the hottest day in chicago..

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