IV — Somebody To Love

Because I don’t watch
TV, all women [ex­cept
skin­ny ones]
be­come more in­ter­est­ing.
People ask: “How do
you keep up with
the news?” and I say
“She could use an­oth­er
10 pounds.”

At the creek I found
the old­er boys’
stash of beer.
Cans sailed over rocks
like drunk­en philoso­phers,
beards float­ing on the wa­ter.
Induction and al­co­hol
spilled from their mouths
while I made craw­fish

I’ve al­ways want­ed
some­body to love
I’ve al­ways want­ed
to love.

I should have been
a small ap­pli­ance
re­pair­man. I should have
tak­en more drugs.
I would have
got­ten high and
talked to bro­ken toast­ers
say­ing “Does it
when I do

5 thoughts on “IV — Somebody To Love

  1. i can see that your in­volve­ment in that grow­ing po­et­ry com­mu­ni­ty has had a def­i­nite in­flu­ence on your writ­ing.

    there are some nice sur­pris­es here, some great turns and shifts.

    email me… we’ll talk!

  2. Thanks, man. I’m usu­al­ly pret­ty pleased at how con­nec­tions cob­bled to­geth­er from rel­a­tive­ly un­re­lat­ed thoughts res­onate.

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