IV—Somebody To Love

Because I don’t watch
TV, all women [except
skinny ones]
become more interesting.
People ask: “How do
you keep up with
the news?” and I say
“She could use another
10 pounds.”

At the creek I found
the older boys’
stash of beer.
Cans sailed over rocks
like drunken philosophers,
beards floating on the water.
Induction and alcohol
spilled from their mouths
while I made crawfish

I’ve always wanted
somebody to love
I’ve always wanted
to love.

I should have been
a small appliance
repairman. I should have
taken more drugs.
I would have
gotten high and
talked to broken toasters
saying “Does it
when I do

Comments and conversations on this post

  1. i can see that your involvement in that growing poetry community has had a definite influence on your writing.

    there are some nice surprises here, some great turns and shifts.

    email me… we’ll talk!

  2. Thanks, man. I’m usually pretty pleased at how connections cobbled together from relatively unrelated thoughts resonate.

  3. Great ending.

  4. great poem. seriously.

  5. It could use more editing. Workshopping is welcome.