Passport and Tickets

I got my pass­port and my Notre Dame foot­ball tick­ets in the mail yes­ter­day. I’ll be go­ing to the Penn State game with my un­cle, the same one who took me to my first ND game [and Lou Holtz’s last] as my 16th birth­day present. Tickets for Michigan, Purdue and UCLA al­so go to him, but I’ve got tick­ets for the Monogram game against Army to mark the tenth an­niver­sary of my first ND game.

The pass­port turn­around was much faster than I thought. Something like a month in­stead of 3 like I’d heard. Good thing too, be­cause Americans won’t be able to get back in­to the US from Canada with­out a pass­port start­ing January 12007.

Also re­ceived in the mail yes­ter­day: Finder.

5 thoughts on “Passport and Tickets

  1. Adam,
    Didn’t know you need­ed a pass­port to get in­to Indiana. Must be the new “Bob Knight rule”.

  2. Adam,
    You have a place to stay worked out for PSU or Army yet? There will al­ways be a place for you to stay at my house. My fam­i­ly will be up for the PSU game and we should all go to CJ’s for din­ner.

  3. I don’t have any­thing planned for Army, but for PSU I’ll be with Corbin and we’ll come from Fort Wayne that day… I’m sure we’ll hook up at some point.

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