This Is The Second Time I Forgot A Title

I re­ceived a call last night from some folks in Battle Creek, MI that wants to do a site much like Tremonter. I met these peo­ple when I was at NeighborWorks in Nashville. This is the sec­ond time I’ve been con­tact­ed by folks that need some con­sul­ta­tion on how to build a use­ful com­mu­ni­ty site with­out the heavy costs of go­ing to a de­sign firm. Artie at Shaker Square was the oth­er con­tact. Since every bit of soft­ware that I use to run Tremonter is free [or will be once I move it from MovableType to WordPress] the on­ly over­head is host­ing and reg­is­tra­tion. I had to run to taco night at the LPP, but they’ve got my con­tact in­fo so I ex­pect to hear from them again.

I won­der how I could turn this sort of thing [which is start­ing to be­come com­mon] in­to a consultation/​simple de­sign pay­ing gig. I don’t know if it is fea­si­ble, since my price-point would have to be rel­a­tive­ly low and that would ne­ces­si­tate sev­er­al projects at once. I think at best it can be sup­ple­men­tal.

Lou post­ed some sweet pics from where I was on Saturday af­ter­noon. You might even see one of me if you look close­ly. I’m al­so think­ing about putting a side­bar of posts back up.