This Is The Second Time I Forgot A Title

I received a call last night from some folks in Battle Creek, MI that wants to do a site much like Tremonter. I met these people when I was at NeighborWorks in Nashville. This is the second time I’ve been contacted by folks that need some consultation on how to build a useful community site without the heavy costs of going to a design firm. Artie at Shaker Square was the other contact. Since every bit of software that I use to run Tremonter is free [or will be once I move it from MovableType to WordPress] the only overhead is hosting and registration. I had to run to taco night at the LPP, but they’ve got my contact info so I expect to hear from them again.

I wonder how I could turn this sort of thing [which is starting to become common] into a consultation/simple design paying gig. I don’t know if it is feasible, since my price-point would have to be relatively low and that would necessitate several projects at once. I think at best it can be supplemental.

Lou posted some sweet pics from where I was on Saturday afternoon. You might even see one of me if you look closely. I’m also thinking about putting a sidebar of posts back up.