Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. After work I sat down and read for six and a half hours. I should have continued searching for jobs [currently looking in Toronto] or worked on the redesign for Tremonter or read some Neighborhood Connections Grant Proposals or done some more hoofwork trying to find get a list of youth programming for the 2007 Cleveland Leadership Summit or even gone for a run or made dinner or at least done the dishes or vacuumed. I currently have no motivation. I’ve been working so hard at so many different things for so long and still haven’t gotten anywhere [or so it appears to me]. I’ve been looking for a new job for two years now and have had three and a half interviews in that entire time. One of my coworkers, fresh out of college, just got a new job making $6k more than I do.

There is obviously something wrong with how I search for jobs or my resume or my comportment in the interview that wrecks me. I need to figure out what that is, exactly, and fix it. Although being polished and the right fit for the job doesn’t mean the job is going to be out there, in Cleveland at least. I need to figure out what I want to do with my life and do it. Currently I’ve decided that when and if I ever get $4k saved I’ll just quit and move from Cleveland. It is hard to save that much when I still make under $29k after nearly three years and one promotion. Where will I go? I don’t know. What I’ll do when I get there? I don’t know. Wherever it is, it’ll have to have more opportunities for me than Cleveland does, that’s for certain.

I love Tremont, I love the style of Cleveland and its entertainment scene, I love the people. I’ll continue to do the best I can for the city until the day I leave. But I’m out. That’s the only motivation I have today. Cleveland’s got everything I want in a city except for a good, challenging and interesting job.

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  1. We are a couple of folks who may also leave Cleveland due to our jobs. As for job searches, they are tough to do in the manner of applying all over the place. I think I’ve only gotten 2 jobs of the ones I’ve held by cold sending of resumes for job openings — the rest I’ve gotten by hearing about needs from friends in or near different companies…

  2. As for applying to places out of town, I got little to no bites until I put my aunt’s local address on my resume. So — if you know anyone in any city you apply in, I’d suggest asking if you can use it. You’re welcome to use ours for NY jobs. The only catch is you have to be prepared to drive/​fly out for an interview if you do get contacted. The line I used was “I’m in the process of moving and flying back and forth between cities. The next time I’ll be in town is x — would that be a good time to meet?” Good luck!

    And by the way, even tho I had a good job in Cleveland, I agree they are few and far between, and even the job I had had very little growth potential.

  3. The Creative Group and Aquent are both good, but they will want you to live in the area first because they do mostly immediate placements.

  4. This is exactly why I’m so hesitant about coming back to Cleveland. I know I could get a much nicer place to live for a lot less, and I’d be around “my people” and all the places that mean something to me, but there is not a chance in hell that I can get a job like the one I have in New York (I essentially read encyclopedia entries all day for a publishing company). It’s very little responsibility, zero stress, and really interesting. I know I could get something with little responsibility and zero stress at home, but that “really interesting” part…no way.

    Good luck to you. If you end up coming to New York let me know.

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