Fall Grant-Making

The Neighborhood Connections grant-mak­ing com­mit­tee met again last night to start the fall round of grant dis­cern­ment. We had de­li­cious food from Luchita’s. This round on­ly had about 60% the num­ber of pro­pos­als com­pared to the spring round. This is, ap­par­ent­ly, typ­i­cal. But it means that you have a bet­ter chance of be­ing fund­ed if you ap­ply for a grant in August.

I’m re­view­ing pro­pos­als from Clark-Metro, Detroit-Shoreway and Old Brooklyn this time ’round. The grants were good for the most part, we on­ly culled three from our group, one had a cou­ple hun­dred thou­sand in fund­ing al­ready, so they got the axe even though the project was a good idea.