Meet The Bloggers Silent Auction and Poetry Reading

Silent Auction CrowdSince I know a bunch of people who do Meet The Bloggers they asked me to come to their silent auction and read some poetry along with 10 other folks. The space was in the amazing Tower Press building, which also houses Artefino. The first floor artist spaces are reduced rent [$625/​mo], but for the most part they are luxury loft spaces up to $2200/​mo. So its nice to look at, but I couldn’t afford to live there. Besides, it isn’t in Tremont.

There was a pretty good crowd, plenty of food and drink, and lots of excellent art items up for bid in the silent auction. I bid on two pieces donated by Tina Vance and I think I probably won them. I’m kind of worried and disappointed because there were so many people there taking MTB up their hospitality, eating the delicious food, drinking the wine, but not bidding on anything. I mean, why come to a fund raiser if you’re not going to donate any bills? Tres gauche. Hopefully they raised enough from the silent auction to cover what they spent on refreshment.

The poets were a mixed bag, from high school age to retired and included the Tech Czar Michael DeAloia, and Jeffrey Bowen, who is the executive director of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Bowen’s poetry.

Photos from the event are here.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Bloggers Silent Auction and Poetry Reading

  1. For a second there I read that and thought you meant a silent poetry reading. I thought *that* would be interesting/​different.

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