Meet The Bloggers Silent Auction and Poetry Reading

Silent Auction CrowdSince I know a bunch of peo­ple who do Meet The Bloggers they asked me to come to their silent auc­tion and read some po­etry along with 10 other folks. The space was in the amaz­ing Tower Press build­ing, which also houses Artefino. The first floor artist spaces are re­duced rent [$625/​mo], but for the most part they are lux­ury loft spaces up to $2200/​mo. So its nice to look at, but I couldn’t af­ford to live there. Besides, it isn’t in Tremont.

There was a pretty good crowd, plenty of food and drink, and lots of ex­cel­lent art items up for bid in the silent auc­tion. I bid on two pieces do­nated by Tina Vance and I think I prob­a­bly won them. I’m kind of wor­ried and dis­ap­pointed be­cause there were so many peo­ple there tak­ing MTB up their hos­pi­tal­ity, eat­ing the de­li­cious food, drink­ing the wine, but not bid­ding on any­thing. I mean, why come to a fund raiser if you’re not go­ing to do­nate any bills? Tres gauche. Hopefully they raised enough from the silent auc­tion to cover what they spent on re­fresh­ment.

The po­ets were a mixed bag, from high school age to re­tired and in­cluded the Tech Czar Michael DeAloia, and Jeffrey Bowen, who is the ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity. I was par­tic­u­larly im­pressed with Mr. Bowen’s po­etry.

Photos from the event are here.

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  1. For a sec­ond there I read that and thought you meant a silent po­etry read­ing. I thought *that* would be interesting/​different.

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