Notre Dame versus Penn State

Notre Dame versus Penn State Pre-GameI went to the home opener this weekend, and in true football fan fashion I can barely speak today. I drove to my Uncle Corbin’s on Friday and had a flatiron steak and a baked sweet potato for dinner, and we got up the next day, rendesvoused with some of his friends and headed to the Hesburgh Library parking lot for a bit of tailgating. Corbin had made some delicious beef jerky, which I probably ate a pound of over the weekend. Of course, I stopped by the Grotto and then picked up a steak sandwich from the Knights of Columbus. I also saw Jeremy and his family at their tailgate over by Legends. I stopped by the fencing gym as well, and Coach DeCicco was there entertaining a bunch of friends.

I always try to get into the stadium in time to watch all of the pre-game warmups and our seats were right behind the flagpole, we had a pretty decent view of all the action despite the foreshortening. It was a good game. I even got a bit of video of a Quinn to Walker TD pass in the north endzone.

Mom came up to Fort Wayne to visit my Aunt Mary so I saw her for a little bit. I was so exhausted from the game that I wasn’t very coherent though. Drove back to Cleveland yesterday and did my laundry. I’ve got tickets to the last home game against Army in November. My uncle took the rest of ’em.

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  1. Nice video, hope you had a good time. You’re good to go for my house for the Army game. I’ll see if I can get hooked up with that sweet tailgate spot again.

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