Buckwheat BlessingYesterday was a terrible day to be heading west on I-90. I hit Buffalo right after the Bills game got out, had torrential downpours all the way to Cleveland and arrived back in town right when the Browns game finished. People were driving and not-driving like jackasses in the rain. The people pulled over on the side of the road didn’t turn on their hazards and there were people driving in the rain that had no lights on at all as well.

I picked up Mark Z. Danielewski’s latest while I was in Canada and an annotation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings that I’ve never seen in the states. It cross-references with his Letters and other primary and secondary source material [much of which I own] so I’ll be geeking out in Tolkien-land for awhile.

I ate much delicious food and managed to find a Notre Dame fan to watch the friggin’ game with.