Some Deal

I’ve got so much web-​based work to do that I’m considering dropping the $50/​mo it would cost to have internet access at home again. The redesign of Tremonter is moving fitfully, I’m having to teach myself much mySQL, and Drupal’s documentation assumes a certain level of developer expertise that I’m just now getting. The interactive Google API-driven neighborhood map I have plans for hasn’t even been glanced at. I run into too many people that I know at Civilization to accomplish much, and the Jefferson Library disallows FTP access. I’ll probably just ride on over to Talkies.

Actually, it looks like Adelphia has a $24/​mo for 3/​mos deal going on if you sign up online. Of course, there is a $35 activation fee along with that and their online sign-​up form is busted. So much for that deal.