Another Tremont Weekend

DSC01291On Friday I spent about 5 hours on the ArtWalk, including judging a Muttsquerade, and on Saturday and Sunday I spent much of my time on the redesign of Tremonter. The design itself is pretty much finished, and now I’m just tweaking the configuration, adding more content and a bit more functionality. If I can just figure out how to get the latest version of Drupal to import MovableType content, I’ll probably just go ahead and launch it. I might have to convert from MovableType to WordPress to Drupal first.

The downside to this is that the extra step will mean that the old MT links won’t redirect to Drupal like they do in previous versions of the conversion. Currently it looks as though there is no way to port phpBB forums into a Drupal installation, so I’ll just have to lock down that DB once the integrated functionality of Drupal goes live.

I also had dinner on Sunday at La Tortilla Feliz, which was delicious, although just a little bit more expensive than the quality/​amount of the food would suggest. Patrick told me this well over a year ago. I’ll probably stop in often when I get the craving for fried plantains though. Man those things are delicious. Please share any plaintain recipes that you have.

Artwalk Photoset, Muttsquerade Photoset, La Tortilla Feliz Photoset.