Bust Rod Halloween

DSC01407 I was Bust Rod from For­bid­den Zone for Hal­loween this year. Click here to see the Flickr set of my cos­tume cre­ation process.

You can find more infor­ma­tion on my For­bid­den Zone obses­sion here. While this mask looks more like an alli­ga­tor than a frog, I was lim­it­ed by the amount of card­board at my dis­pos­al, and couldn’t make the mouth any wider. My even­tu­al goal is to make a near­ly exact repli­ca of the mask from the movie, but that will involve cheese­cloth, chick­en­wire, and more time than I cur­rent­ly have at my dis­pos­al.

Some folks actu­al­ly knew who I was this year, which is bet­ter than last year when no one real­ized that I was Teen Wolf. [Damn kids.]

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  • Nice job on the cos­tume. I’m sor­ry you didn’t get a chance to read. I should have tak­en the reigns as MC but I was tak­en aback at how dif­fi­cult was. I couldn’t remem­ber any of the stuff I want­ed to say. Any­how Nick was fun­ny as Hell doing a Cot­ton Math­er cabaret rou­tine. I’ll be post­ing the video soon.

  • con­grats!
    your cos­tume was the most cre­ative i’ve seen this year, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the details & crafts­man­ship involved.
    was good see­ing you.
    still recov­er­ing from those 2 nights. good times!

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