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This clip, gra­tu­itous and ex­ploita­tive as it is, is one fine piece of film­mak­ing; which is the main rea­son it is so de­lib­er­ate­ly gra­tu­itous and ex­ploita­tive. Note how the tim­ing of the cuts and changes in shot fram­ing ramp up the sex­i­ness of the scene, and by proxy, its com­e­dy. Also, take note that I, Adam Harvey, have now said Something Good™ about a teeny­bop­per ro­man­tic com­e­dy done in the style of 1980s Brat Pack Crapfests™.

To dis­tract you from what you most cer­tain­ly think of as my blas­phe­my here is a spoof of the end of every 80s movie. 80s Ending.

I al­so rec­om­mend watch­ing these an­i­mat­ed shorts from Blur Studio:

Gopher Broke
In The Rough
Aunt Luisa