Not My Own Content

I’m not in a content-providing mood this week. Instead, for a change, I’m linking to others’ content. Today I’ll post some links to mp3s you may or may not like.

Eric Satie: 1. Four Gnossiennes 1-Lent 3:34 [mp3]

— Satie was a French composer who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If you like this you can listen to much more on Ubu.

The Scarring Party: Ocean Bottom [mp3]

— I found this song through Metafilter Music and liked the band so much I bought their CD. It is great and this song is one of my favorites for 2006. There are a couple more songs available at their site. Please visit.

Friend: Flora [mp3]

— Friend is one of my favorite local music acts. It is amazing how the music can quiet down the rowdy indie crowd. This isn’t my favorite song which is called Tess, but this is another good one. You can hear more on MySpace.

This Moment in Black History: Tape Don’t Lie [mp3]

— Probably my favorite Cleveland band. Great live shows. They’ve got a new album available called It Takes a Nation (of Assholes to Hold Us Back). This track is from that album. Hear more on MySpace.

Bob Log III: Log Bomb [mp3]

— Phil over at Lead Singer Disorder slapped me in the face with Fat Possum Records the other day, and I’ve listened to a ton of their free mp3s since. This fat blues jam comes from there.

Jonathan Coulton: Mandelbrot Set [mp3]

— This guy writes very entertaining songs about a variety of things, including SCIENCE!. This one happens to be about fractals. Many of his songs are free, or donation-based downloads. His business model predates the iTunes store by quite a bit. Go listen to more by him.

Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie: When the Levee Breaks [mp3]

— All of the songs on this site are from the Web Archive collection, but since they’re already culled and good bluesy stuff it might be more useful. This song is NOT a cover of the Led Zeppelin tune, as people keep thinking when I make them listen to it. LZ covered it!

The Up Ensemble: Belly Dancing [mp3]

— These Cleveland guys do great free-form jazz as well as creating some excellent fusions between various world music styles. More at MySpace.