I made ribs for the first time yesterday. They were on sale for $1.99# at Dave’s last month so I picked up a pack and planned on inviting some folks over when I finally cooked them. I called up my uncle, the family grillmaster, and asked for advice. Since I don’t have the hi-tech grill that he does, I was unable to cook them for six hours, but the rest of his advice helped. He told me to marinade them in half Italian dressing and half vinegar for about 24 hours to tenderize and suck some of the fat from the meat. This worked very well. I bought the cheapest BBQ sauce I could find, but supplemented it with Cajun seasoning and cooked the ribs on my kettle grill for about 2.5 hours. I flipped and repainted them with sauce whenever there was a commercial break during the Notre Dame game. They were delicious, but I forgot to take a picture of them. It is probably going to take 2.5 hours for me to clean my grill today.

2 thoughts on “Ribs

  1. Shlaom Adam,

    You’ve probably already put in the time scrubbing the grill, but here’s a little secret. Find an ant hill in your back yard, lay the grill on it and leave it for 24-hours. It’s amazing how clean it will be.



  2. Hm. That’s an interesting trick. I’ll remember that. I think the ants around my apartment live off of steel dust though, so they’d probably eat the whole grill.

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