I made ribs for the first time yes­ter­day. They were on sale for $1.99# at Dave’s last month so I picked up a pack and planned on invit­ing some folks over when I fi­nal­ly cooked them. I called up my un­cle, the fam­i­ly grill­mas­ter, and asked for ad­vice. Since I don’t have the hi-tech grill that he does, I was un­able to cook them for six hours, but the rest of his ad­vice helped. He told me to mari­nade them in half Italian dress­ing and half vine­gar for about 24 hours to ten­der­ize and suck some of the fat from the meat. This worked very well. I bought the cheap­est BBQ sauce I could find, but sup­ple­ment­ed it with Cajun sea­son­ing and cooked the ribs on my ket­tle grill for about 2.5 hours. I flipped and re­paint­ed them with sauce when­ev­er there was a com­mer­cial break dur­ing the Notre Dame game. They were de­li­cious, but I for­got to take a pic­ture of them. It is prob­a­bly go­ing to take 2.5 hours for me to clean my grill to­day.

2 thoughts on “Ribs

  1. Shlaom Adam,

    You’ve prob­a­bly al­ready put in the time scrub­bing the grill, but here’s a lit­tle se­cret. Find an ant hill in your back yard, lay the grill on it and leave it for 24-hours. It’s amaz­ing how clean it will be.



  2. Hm. That’s an in­ter­est­ing trick. I’ll re­mem­ber that. I think the ants around my apart­ment live off of steel dust though, so they’d prob­a­bly eat the whole grill.

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