It has been so long since I’ve not had a movie to review that I kind of for­get what oth­er things I write about on here. I don’t think I’m going to weath­er­proof my apart­ment this year, because I seri­ous­ly think it doesn’t do a bit of good. All of the drafts come from where the walls don’t square to the wood floors. I’ve been going to Civ con­sis­tent­ly enough that they now know what I’m going to get based on the weath­er out­side. Large Mex­i­can Hot Choco­late and a toast­ed wheat bagel if it is cold. Some­thing from the fridge if it is warm. Even­tu­al­ly I sup­pose I’ll just be able to walk in and say “peanut but­ter!” or “cream cheese!” since that will be the only vari­able.