Almost a year ago I made my first Google Map for the redesign of the TWiFi site. I didn’t touch the API again until I final­ly start­ed redesign­ing Tremon­ter a few months back. The idea for cre­at­ing a neigh­bor­hood map for Tremont had been rat­tling around in my head since I first start­ed the site, but I knew how tedious the work would be and so kept putting it off.

Now that the Tremont map is final­ly tak­ing shape, I must admit that the tedi­um is still present, but is cur­rent­ly out­weighed by the fact that the map looks so cool. I’d bet­ter be care­ful though, or I’ll start putting Google Maps on every­thing.

I still need to fig­ure out the right javascript tweaks to make no mark­ers appear until their respec­tive box­es are checked in the leg­end, but oth­er­wise the only thing left to do is cob­ble togeth­er the address­es, phone num­bers, web­sites and coor­di­nates for sev­er­al hun­dred busi­ness­es in the few square miles that is Tremont, and plug the data into the xml file. Look­ing at it in that direc­tion seems a bit daunt­ing, so I’ll just take it one mark­er at a time.

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  • So far it’s lookin’ good. I think it’ll come in handy for vis­i­tors to Tremon­ter.
    I was think­ing of putting one of these on my updat­ed site. It would just have my busi­ness on it. Then I was think­ing that I could just link to my place on your map and take advan­tage of all your work. Or, I could do both.
    Just typ­ing out loud here.

  • How about doing an inter­pre­tive dance about the direc­tions,”
    I’m chuck­ling. But wait. I think I’ll tape Nick doing the dance.

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