Almost a year ago I made my first Google Map for the redesign of the TWiFi site. I didn’t touch the API again until I finally started redesigning Tremonter a few months back. The idea for creating a neighborhood map for Tremont had been rattling around in my head since I first started the site, but I knew how tedious the work would be and so kept putting it off.

Now that the Tremont map is finally taking shape, I must admit that the tedium is still present, but is currently outweighed by the fact that the map looks so cool. I’d better be careful though, or I’ll start putting Google Maps on everything.

I still need to figure out the right javascript tweaks to make no markers appear until their respective boxes are checked in the legend, but otherwise the only thing left to do is cobble together the addresses, phone numbers, websites and coordinates for several hundred businesses in the few square miles that is Tremont, and plug the data into the xml file. Looking at it in that direction seems a bit daunting, so I’ll just take it one marker at a time.

4 thoughts on “Cartographer

  1. So far it’s lookin’ good. I think it’ll come in handy for visitors to Tremonter.
    I was thinking of putting one of these on my updated site. It would just have my business on it. Then I was thinking that I could just link to my place on your map and take advantage of all your work. Or, I could do both.
    Just typing out loud here.

  2. “How about doing an interpretive dance about the directions,”
    I’m chuckling. But wait. I think I’ll tape Nick doing the dance.

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