I like cruising down the dirt roads of the internet to see what pops up. Dead sites, deleted threads, random things from the Internet Archive and somehow by doing this I ended up on a zed-​list celebrity gossip site that had paparazzi pictures of Britney Spears no-​no spot. In an interesting bifurcation of thought I clicked on the link. I didn’t really want to see it, but I was interested in what all the fuss was about. It looked like any other no-​no spot. What was more interesting to me was the c-​section scar.

In any case, there is this prevalent fascination with what certain celebrities look like with the wrinkly bits visible. Almost as if, since they have celebrity, their junk must look or somehow be better than someone elses. It is self-​consciously chuckle-​dumb. Everybody has the same bits, more or less, so paying attention to personality, focus and wisdom should be the main swing of things. Except it’s easier to let the lizard hind-​brain do the thinking, especially when teh internets are involved.