Eyes Wide Suck

I watched the clas­sic Christmas movie Eyes Wide Shut while wrap­ping gifts last night. Man does that movie suck. It was the on­ly film left in my Stanley Kubrick Collection that I hadn’t made it all the way through. I’d usu­al­ly get about ten min­utes in and then glaze over. I did get most of my wrap­ping done, and now I have on­ly a few more things to buy to fin­ish up. Certain peo­ple have been es­pe­cial­ly dif­fi­cult to buy for this year. I al­so have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I bought a tiny Norfolk pine, too small even for an or­na­ment. Instead of putting presents un­der it, I’ve had to put the tree on top of them. I’m us­ing red wrap­ping pa­per and green rib­bon as this year’s theme. I got 100 yards of rib­bon for $6 at Pat Catan’s the oth­er day. I’m sure I’ll be us­ing it for the next 20 years.

My ribs hurt. I feel like I was sacked by a Samoan a few times this week­end. Maybe Andy was us­ing me as a block­ing dum­my when I wasn’t look­ing.

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