Eyes Wide Suck

I watched the classic Christmas movie Eyes Wide Shut while wrapping gifts last night. Man does that movie suck. It was the only film left in my Stanley Kubrick Collection that I hadn’t made it all the way through. I’d usually get about ten minutes in and then glaze over. I did get most of my wrapping done, and now I have only a few more things to buy to finish up. Certain people have been especially difficult to buy for this year. I also have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I bought a tiny Norfolk pine, too small even for an ornament. Instead of putting presents under it, I’ve had to put the tree on top of them. I’m using red wrapping paper and green ribbon as this year’s theme. I got 100 yards of ribbon for $6 at Pat Catan’s the other day. I’m sure I’ll be using it for the next 20 years.

My ribs hurt. I feel like I was sacked by a Samoan a few times this weekend. Maybe Andy was using me as a blocking dummy when I wasn’t looking.

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