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I can now certainly afford a house in Cleveland. Whether I can afford a house in Tremont is another matter. I’ve done some research in the past [1, 2] and the prognosis wasn’t good. There is an upcoming Tremont-wide open house that might be a good chance for me to find something, but it still looks like most of the places are more than I can afford. I don’t want to spend over $80k for a home or $110 for a duplex, but most of what I’ve seen on the market is going for twice that.

Even the tiniest of houses in the trendy part of Tremont are selling for $85k. This one looks much more promising, although the crime in that part of Tremont is pretty bad. There is a duplex on W.10th, right around the corner from where I live that I’d like to look at, but I can’t find the listing for it anywhere. There are plenty of options actually, but with prices so inflated in this area, I wonder what the catch is. Nonetheless I can look and learn all I want.

Here are some that I’ve found in just brief bouts of looking:

1054 Holmden
2603 W. 15th. [More than I want to spend on a single family, but I could afford it.]
2481 Thurman Ave. [Might have some possibilities, but many houses on Thurman are completely bombed out, and this price for a 2-family makes me think it might be.].
2165 Columbus [I can’t decide if proximity to the VTR is a good or bad thing.]

I tried to navigate the Howard-Hanna Smythe-Cramer site, but it is completely useless in terms of searching. I polled my neighbors for recommendations for a good realtor and will also look in to the FSBO places. One of my neighbors also offered to help draw up the contract if I find a FSBO that suits me.

Sure I want to have my cake and eat it too, but mainly I want a good price on a solid house that isn’t going to require massive amounts of rehabilitating. The house that I looked at across the street from where I currently live was on the market for $40k had no furnace or ductwork, exposed wiring and lathing and rotten siding and ceilings. The guy who bought it probably put that much if not more into it to make it livable again. That’s what I want to avoid.

6 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Good luck house hunting. It took many months to find our house and it still needs more work than it’s worth. I hate to say the old, tired phrase, but it turned out to be true for us: Location, location, location. Sure, I’d be happier with the amount of work (or lack thereof) in some of the houses that we looked at, but the extra drive + questionable neighborhoods/schools meant that I’d rather work more on a crappier house in a good neighborhood than have a decent house in just an ok neighborhood. Remember that you can change things with your house/property, but you can’t change where it is located.

    Also remember that sometimes, you can have real jerkfaces as your immediate neighbors, thus making the rest of the neighborhood not as fun.

  2. and the duplex on west 10th, is it the yellow house with the plastic flowers in the yard across from big guys? his name is stan. maybe leave him a note????

  3. I wanted to point out how strange those prices now seem. You couldn’t even buy an 1 bedroom in Brooklyn for those prices 😉

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