Notre Dame versus Army

DSC01458This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of my first Notre Dame game: Lou Holtz’s last home game as head coach of Notre Dame, and the last home game in the old stadium. And my 16th birthday present. After ten years I’m now a Notre Dame alumnus and supplying my Uncle Corbin with tickets instead of the other way around. He made a good investment, I think.

I came in on Friday and gave Megan a whirlwind tour of campus, and went to Jeremy’s to meet the newest member of his household, Michael. At six months he looks more like nine months and is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. We went to CJ’s and had the most delicious cheeseburger in existence and then went home and relaxed a bit. I also had to make a big decision this weekend, but there will be more on that tomorrow.

Game day was chilly, but that was expected. Jeremy had an awesome tailgating spot, a bonus of his employment at ND. We had some burgers and donuts then went to see the band play and the players walk to the stadium. I got some decent shots that you can see in the Flickr set. We then listened to the marching band play on the steps of Bond Hall and hightailed it to the Main Building rotunda so we’d have a good spot to see the Trumpet Section play. You can see video of this here [YouTube].

At the game itself, the Golden Knights Army Parachute Team brought in the game ball. I taped that as well. Here it is [YouTube]. Then ND kicked the shit out of the the Army football team and we drove back to Cleveland.

The entire Flickr set is here.

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  1. Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Adam
    Happy Birthday To You.
    I love you “bigger than the universe”.

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