Reverse Chronological Weekend

The Starlite DesperationThis was another ridiculous weekend of music, art and poetry in Cleveland. Last night I went to C-Space and listened to a few local women poets followed by the double-barreled feature shotgun that is Alixa + Naima [MySpace page]. The poem Being Human [read it here], made me tear up. I snagged their CD and a sweet DIY silkscreen t-shirt. Give them a listen and a look. It is worth your time.

Saturday I spent 5 hours watching 6 bands at Parish Hall. It was This Moment In Black History‘s CD Release party and they were wrapping up a tour put together by their Cold Sweat label. Also on the bill was The Starlite Desperation, a great band with a knock-your-socks-off bass player.

Digression: I have come to the conclusion that female bass players are the hottest things going. With the exception of Lisa Umbarger from Toadies, every female bassist I’ve seen has been ridiculously sexy. My friend Bo’s wife for instance; Gail Ann Dorsey; Heidi Gluck; D’arcy Wretzky; Melissa Auf der Maur; the bassist from The Shondes; the bassist from Good Morning Valentine; the bassist from The Starlite Depression [pictured in this post]. The obvious conclusion is that female bass players are kryptonite to my cognitive function.

I picked up CDs from both TMIBH and The Starlite Depression, and I also saw Fortune’s Flesh [nee The Starvations] [very good], This Blush [good three piece, just drums and keys], Death Sweats [local raucousity] and Woman [sucked, had a bass player that looked like he was drawn by Arthur Rackham. I think the whole band was on heroin].

I wish every weekend was this fun.

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