I final­ly have to wear adult clothes to work, and alas, I don’t real­ly know where to go to get them. Rec­om­men­da­tions have includ­ed out­let shop­ping [which I’ll prob­a­bly hit this week­end] and a vari­ety of places that are too expen­sive for my taste. Although The Gap sounds like it might hold pos­si­bil­i­ties and there is one 2 miles from here. Maybe I’ll go there first instead of dri­ving to Lodi.

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  • Penny’s and Sears are worth a vis­it. When I’m in Sears, I usu­al­ly walk through the men’s depart­ment as Dock­ers are Dock­ers no mat­ter where you shop and they some­times have good sales.

  • The prob­lem I have with the big depart­ment stores is that the cloth­ing nev­er fits me cor­rect­ly, usu­al­ly rid­ing up in the crotch or pinch­ing the hips which is mur­der on me since I’m nat­u­ral­ly fid­gety. And in Cleve­land it seems most depart­ment stores cater to the thug life or retire­ment sets.

    I usu­al­ly do good at Express­Men but I refuse to pay $70 for a pair of pants. I only shop there when they’re hav­ing their 98% off sales.

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