First Day

The first day at my new gig was pretty much as I expected, lots of meeting people and paperwork, but I did get to start out on some mock-up designs for one of our clients. The only bad thing that happened was the RTA. I’d had luck in the past with it, but that was only taking a Rapid route to the Airport. Trying to figure out bus schedules is an exercise in futility. They really need a fully redesigned site. And bus schedules in the empty slots in every bus. And a trip planner that isn’t worthless. You can’t put in your home address and destination and get the best route, you have to put in the closest bus stop to your source and destination, which, if you don’t know where one is, makes the feature nothing more than a bug. Even once you figure out which stop is closest, it might tell you that you have to walk a half mile to a different stop and will give an estimated trip time of 5 minutes over four miles and including walk time between transfers. And all stops for a bus aren’t listed on the schedules. Also, the buses don’t run on Euclid because of the construction, but the updated routes aren’t posted.

The RTA provides NO easy way to plan and use their system. I’m still going to work it out for my own self, because I’m not going to pay $95/mo to park downtown. I just wish I didn’t need a slide rule and sextant and zodiac chart to figure out which bus to take.

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  1. Wow. Your first day went exactly as mine did!

    Seriously, we need to get together and figure out this RTA thing. I’ve been working for days, even with practice runs, and still had to spring for a cab to get to work on time today. Tonight I’ve already logged two hours on their useless website.

    And huzzah to actually having route maps on the buses! What a novel idea…

  2. Don’t know where you work downtown, but the 81 runs on time and is reliable (as opposed to the circulator). When I worked on Ontario and Prospect, I caught the bus at 7:17am and was at work at 7:25am. It runs on 14th to Starkweather, turns right at the park (probably starkweather and 10th is where you’d carch it) and then up Jefferson, left on Professor, up Fairfield to 14th, then on the highway. Downtown it makes a loop from Ontario to Lakeside to 9th and back on the highway. Anyway – it’s much quicker and easier than taking the rapid from Tremont.

  3. The 81 doesn’t run on time anymore. It was 40 minutes late today and the girl waiting at the stop said that tardiness is a regular occurrence now. Thankfully she helped me out, and now I know to take the E Line Trolley to Public Square to pick up the 23 or 81.

  4. hi adam! i guess you’ve worked out the best plan, but if you ever need bus/rapid schedules, they’ve got i think all of the routes in a rack at the tower city rapid station.

  5. Man, bike it! Unless the roads are snowed over (which, admittedly, happens quite a bit ;), it’s an easy ride into downtown and will negate any RTA stress.

  6. awesome 🙂 I got a new set of wheels the other day. Expect pics in my blog. rides like air.

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