Right Path

I love my new job. I work with a great and di­verse group of folks. an Uzbeki, a Russian, an Indian, a Brit, and a 1st-gen­er­a­tion American whose par­ents came from Palestine. The work is al­so great. My boss­es al­so have their act to­geth­er, pro­gres­sive skill-build­ing ini­tia­tives and just a gen­er­al un­der­stand­ing that when em­ploy­ees are treat­ed like peo­ple they work well. It is such a switch from my old place, where I’ve heard of 4 ad­di­tion­al peo­ple leav­ing since I put in my no­tice.

I’ve fig­ured out the best bus route to take too. If I wait at the cor­ner of W 14th and Starkweather I can pick up ei­ther the 81 or the 23, whichev­er comes first. If the 6 or E-Line trol­ley isn’t at Public Square when I hop off it is faster to just walk to E. 12th Street. Getting home there is a stop just south of Public Square where I can pick up the 81 or 23 again. The 23 is the best one to catch since there are few­er stops be­tween where I get on it and where I get off it. I did end up walk­ing home from McCarthy’s in the Flats on Thursday at 7pm with­out see­ing one bus head­ing my di­rec­tion in the 45 min­utes it took me to get home though, so there are still sig­nif­i­cant prob­lems.

But not dri­ving or hav­ing to deal with traf­fic has mel­lowed me as well. Removing the neg­a­tive as­pects of my en­vi­ron­ment has made me hap­pi­er than I’ve been in a long time. I’m on the right path.

4 thoughts on “Right Path

  1. Based on the above-stat­ed di­ver­si­ty of your of­fice, I can see why you may have been out of work so long. Are you sure you weren’t fi­nal­ly the mi­nor­i­ty hire, the native-born,living-local prod­uct thrown in to bal­ance out the es­o­teric mix?

  2. i’m glad you got your pub­lic trans­porta­tion kinks worked out. when i stopped dri­ving i felt less ir­ri­ta­ble, more fo­cused, and my chron­ic heart­burn dis­ap­peared im­me­di­ate­ly and nev­er re­turned. sounds like you’ve got a re­al­ly great sit­u­a­tion. con­grat­u­la­tions!

  3. I’m ex­treme­ly hap­py to see that things are work­ing so well Adam. When you get a chance can you toss me an email to my nd ac­count? I’ve got a cou­ple of questions/​updates for you, I sup­pose a phone call or an IM could work as well.

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