Right Path

I love my new job. I work with a great and diverse group of folks. an Uzbeki, a Russian, an Indian, a Brit, and a 1st-​generation American whose parents came from Palestine. The work is also great. My bosses also have their act together, progressive skill-​building initiatives and just a general understanding that when employees are treated like people they work well. It is such a switch from my old place, where I’ve heard of 4 additional people leaving since I put in my notice.

I’ve figured out the best bus route to take too. If I wait at the corner of W 14th and Starkweather I can pick up either the 81 or the 23, whichever comes first. If the 6 or E-​Line trolley isn’t at Public Square when I hop off it is faster to just walk to E. 12th Street. Getting home there is a stop just south of Public Square where I can pick up the 81 or 23 again. The 23 is the best one to catch since there are fewer stops between where I get on it and where I get off it. I did end up walking home from McCarthy’s in the Flats on Thursday at 7pm without seeing one bus heading my direction in the 45 minutes it took me to get home though, so there are still significant problems.

But not driving or having to deal with traffic has mellowed me as well. Removing the negative aspects of my environment has made me happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m on the right path.