What is interesting about this post is that I tried to post it via YouTube’s WordPress API. After hitting submit, I was given a notice that there would be a delay before posting. I figured they meant a few minutes. Apparently they meant two days. I won’t be using THAT functionality again.

Soft Spots

I saw Soft Spots, formerly Friend, formerly Little Songs at the Beachland last night. In the short time they’ve been together, their music, which was good to begin with, has gotten so much better. They might actually have tied up the race for favorite Cleveland band with TMIBH. The only reason I can’t make a decision is because the types of music are so different.

In any case, the show last night was great, they asked the audience to sit through the show blindfolded and many did, although I did hear a story about some dude getting groped by an unblindfolded woman after the set was done.

I had prime seating, even though I was blindfolded, and I took this video of a song called “Flora”. They played my favorite song, Tess, but I wasn’t quick enough on the uptake to record it.

One thought on “Duplicate

  1. yah, sweet show. thanks for the lift.
    i like your 2006 comp, that song by tim fite the one with the line:
    ‘heavens to betsy, the mans out to get me. he’s raising my rent and he’s taken my money. well the rich get rich while us poor don’t get shit except shit on by rich men, shit on by women and shit on by everyone —– shitty..’

    funny, thanks.

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