Final Destination

I’ve almost been run over twice more since the near miss two days ago. Yes­ter­day I was walk­ing to the gym, about ¾ of the way across W. 4th Street when some guy in a z4 near­ly clips my feet off turn­ing onto W. 4th. He prob­a­bly took that cor­ner at about 30mph, which is impres­sive con­sid­er­ing the fact that W. 4th is about 15ft wide. In any­thing oth­er than a sports car he would have had to slow down.

This morn­ing I was wait­ing for the 23 and it was com­ing, so I stepped up to the curb bus stop. It didn’t even slow down, and its cor­ner almost clipped me and anoth­er dude that was stand­ing there. I feel like I’m in a stu­pid hor­ror movie.