Gun Show

Now that I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine, my old appetite is coming back. Yesterday after lifting weights I was ravenous. I ended up getting a 3 egg omelet with home fries and a side of fruit salad for breakfast from Juji’s. Lunch was light, a peanut-​butter protein smoothie from Octane, but I had two dinners. A mess of broccoli and feta with some smoked sausage, and then a bit later, a big bowl of oatmeal and some toast. I was just as hungry when I woke up this morning as well.

Unless I’ve forgotten just how much I can eat, I think my appetite might actually be larger than usual. This has got to be due to the fact that I’m lifting weights consistently for the first time in, well, ever. My upper body is so not-​buff that my body must be going through something akin to the rejuvenation that took place to my left leg once I could start the recuperating from my second kneecap dislocation. Since I’ve got significant help from the gym, I’m also not worried that I’ll injure myself due to ignorance. I don’t feel buff yet, but just wait until I start carrying around empty pop cans so I can crush them against my head.

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