Probably my fa­vorite thing about Rafeeq is that he tells his truth and damn you if you can’t han­dle it. The oth­er night at his read­ing at the Lit he told us that un­less we write from per­son­al ex­pe­ri­ence and be­lief our stuff is go­ing to con­tin­ue suck­ing. I’ve been re­al­ly strug­gling with writ­ing late­ly, and I think this is be­cause I’ve been try­ing to train my­self in­to some sort of con­for­mi­ty to sta­tus quo and ac­cept­able emo­tion. I’ve been putting an emo­tion­al con­dom on my po­et­ry. Rafeeq’s stuff is very per­son­al, and read­ing it in front of a bunch of white folks who’ve prob­a­bly nev­er even seen the in­side of a jail cell must seem so fu­tile. Paraphrasing, he said that though we might ap­pre­ci­ate his writ­ing, we can’t em­pathize with it, and that’s very true. I’ve nev­er seen the in­side of a jail cell, and while I can’t em­pathize with the ex­pe­ri­ence, I can em­pathize with the frus­tra­tion that he must some­times feel. I’m just grate­ful that he’s some­times will­ing to share those strange sides to me. Once Andy posts the video of Rafeeq I’ll link to it here.

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  1. RAW and Daniel’s video should be up tonight. It’ll be in two parts. The sec­ond part con­tains RAW’s “throw down”.

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