Captain Adam Barnard’s Planet Harvey

I’ve got a couple of cheap pulp novels that have to do with my name. The first is Donald Barr Chidsey’s Captain Adam:

The history of an audacious young seaman from the American colonies who duelled and prayed and sinned his way to magnificent adventure on the lawless seas of the early 18th century!

The cover [not this one, but like it] has a tall skinny dude with a sword on it and a hot redhead who is chained to the deck of a sailing ship. I picked that one up from the [now closed] Antiques and Curios store that was just down the street from me.

Another one, picked up from Mac’s Backs, is John Boyd’s Barnard’s Planet, which happens to be a really really really shitty science fiction novel. The only good parts are quotes from better writers. I’ll probably try reading Captain Adam after I finish this one.

One of these days I’ll find a cheesy book with Harvey in the title worth completing the collection.